Our art depicts adult topics of a sexual nature.
If you're under 18 years of age or afraid of seeing dicks
and tits, don't continue.


We are VLK, a Berlin based collective of hedonistic techno provocateurs known for our flash mobs, performances and futuristic club fashion. Our style is sex positive, modern and futuristic. Let us challenge your taboos.

Our story


Ben and Paul make up the core of VLK. They live in a 24/7 Master/slave relationship, are happily married and living a liberated life focused on creation and provocation.  
The openness of Berlins most hedonistic clubs, prompted Ben and Paul to question their own concepts of privacy and shame. So they then came up with the concept of Verrücktlichkeit, a combination of the German words for crazy and reality, a life philosophy that encompasses the concepts of ethical hedonism and the rejection of shame. As they started to live this philosophy, through dancing naked and having wild fetish sex on the dancefloors of clubs. People found their form of hedonism both striking and inspirational.
The discovery that unabashed expression and tabooless sexual freedom can easily become contagious prompted Ben and Paul to develop more elaborate ways to push people through sex related performances, and started making their own high energy fetish accessories to complement.
Over the last 2 years, two guys fucking on the dancefloor has evolved into a handmade fetish/fashion brand and a loose collective of crazy liberated people focused on flash mobs, interactive performances, room decoration and vibe-making at parties.
VLK, a shortening of Verrücktlichkeit, is well known throughout Berlin nightlife for their ability to change the energy of famous rooms such as About:Blank, KitKat and Berghain in minutes.  VLK accessories and clubcards have become an icon of Berlin techno hedonism.  Our performances have left many with memories that last a lifetime and physical objects to remind them of their experiences.  We are known for making the part.

Our works


Our performances range from hosting and decorating a space, to a 3-4 hour interactive installation or a standard style shock value stage show.
Through our work we seek to challenge the traditional concept of performance. Rather than maintaining the separate roles of  “performer” and “audience” we create a space where we can instigate the people around us to have an experience. Our work also plays heavily on the concepts of exhibitionism and voyeurism. Through being shown something shocking the participants are being given the decision whether to be a passive voyeur or to join in and experience true exhibitionism.
Our performances seek to push boundaries, but at the same time to encourage people to explore the reason these boundaries exist and the social norms and taboos surrounding them. We touch on some intense aspects of fetish from, S&M to Head Shaving, to Enema Torture but it is all done in an artistic and light way, with a sense of aesthetics and humor to it. We also bring our aesthetic to any space we work in by decorating with fluorescent sculptures and fetish gear and lots of blue light. Our goal is to take fetish out of the dungeon and bring it to the dancefloor.
Our most developed act is long running S&M installation using fluorescent paint and whips. After we show people how it's done we encourage them to come up and try it themselves in pairs. As the act continues the area we have set up devolves into ecstatic paint filled chaos begging painful involvement. Many people have told us that interacting with our show was their first experience in S&M and thanked us for facilitating them exploring that in a safe and consensual space.


Our costumes


Along with memories, we offer crazy club and fetish accessories.  A large part of our work involves crafting acrylic, leather and PVC into hand-make these accessories.  We sell a small selection of accessories in stores and online, but prefer doing custom work for anyone who is inspired by our look.
Our current collection of gear features laser cut acrylic pieces mounted onto harnesses, gauntlets, collars, bracelets and other fetish accessories, designed with a fresh and futuristic aesthetic.   VLK accessories stand out, playing in the space between classic fetish and club/festival wear.  It is designed to create an emotional connection with the wearer,  making them feel powerful and free like a dancefloor warrior, a member of our tribe.
As part of our interactive performances, we offer a limited number of special pieces to those who are brave enough to join in.  These pieces act as a badge of courage to those who have challenged themselves and earned them.
Our online store is a very limited selection of our gear.  Much of what we do is far more custom and must be sized to the wearer.  Please also take a look at our Instagram Page for other examples of what we can make.  If you are inspired by anything you see in our images or video, please get in touch via eMail, Instagram or Facebook.


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